Cardio Drumming

A full body workout for all ages incorporating upbeat Latin music and aspects of yoga, boxing and Tabata.

Classes are held 9 am - 10 am
Tuesday & Thursday @ The Believe Center (1 Aurora Gonzalez)
Wednesday @ SQACC Event Center (1225 Broadway)

Pay as you go - $1.00 per class
$10.00 per month
$25.00 for 3 months

*Children must be at least 7 yrs. old and accompanied by an adult

CENARE - Culinary Education Nutrition and Responsible Eating

A class for children and adults featuring nutritional education and hands on culinary experiences of preparing nutritious meals.

Schools, organizations, Girl Scouts, church groups can all be applicable to organize a private class. Public classes will be announced as they are scheduled.

Contact Linda Ruiz, CENARE Coordinator for more information at or by calling 419-241-1655

Cultural Tours

Join us for an afternoon of cooking, art, music and more!  We provide an interactive cultural experience to private groups such as schools, organizations, after school programs, daycare centers, etc.

We can offer up to a 4 hour tour that that allows youth and attendees to learn about SQACC and what we do through playing a part in each section. Students will learn about our mission and what we do. They will work with our Art Coordinator on an art project and then head into the kitchen to make their own lunch! We can also offer dance classes, a visit to the bees and more.

Cultural tours can be tailored to your group depending on the size and time length. Call us for more information!

BUGG - Broadway Urban Garden and Greenspace

Urban gardening is a large part of what we do. With over 60 beds of produce and 11 beehives we dedicate time and resources to protecting greenspace while  advocating for healthy and local eating.

Have a green thumb? Contact us to lend a hand in one of our gardens! 

Salsa/Bachata Lessons

Every Thursday from 7pm-8pm @ SQACC Event Center.       $10/person

No partner needed. Michael T. of Michael T. Promotions teaches Latin dance classes styles like salsa and bachata. These fun social dances are a foundation in many Latino cultures, and can be useful at the next wedding you attend.​ Join us for a workout or just for fun!

Imagenes Mexicanas Dance Group

Mexican dance folklore is a beautiful and fun way to learn about the culture.  Dance group, Imagenes Mexicanas hosts weekly classes on Wednesday and Saturdays for youth of all levels. Throughout the year this dance group will travel around the area performing at different festivals and events. Contact Dance Director, James Serda for more information. Seperate pricing may apply.