Sofia's Story

Sofia Quintero


The Sofia Quintero Art and Culture Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit Latino art organization founded in 1996 by members of the Mexican American community to support the artistic expressions of the local Latino community. The center was named after Sofia Quintero, the daughter of migrant farm workers who settled in the Toledo area. In her short life, Sofia was the first Latina to be voted into the Toledo Board of Education and was elected President of the Board. Her life was cut short by illness, but her joy of Latino culture, and her determination continues through the efforts of the Sofia Quintero Art & Culture Center, it's board members, and active community members.

Our Vision


SQACC aims to nurture and enhance the creative abilities of all people through an emphasis on Latina  and Latino art and culture. The center serves as an oasis for the neighborhood residents and local artists.

Our Mission


The Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center Inc. (SQACC) strives to be a premier, regional, and Latino based organization that advances the important roles that art and education play in everyday lives.

SQACC supports and gives voice to the artistic and educational expressions which advance community development, responsibility and social equity, cultural diversity, global awareness and stewardship, as well as the empowerment of the Latina and Latino identities.

Meet The Team

Executive Director


  • Taylor Balderas-Burciaga
  • 419-241-1655

Master Gardener


  • Joe Balderas
  • 419-241-1655

Art Coordinator


  • Lorenzo Flores
  • 419-241-1655

Events Coordinator


  • Anita Sanchez-Serda
  • 419-241-1655

Financial Coordinator


  • Jennifer Lowe
  • 419-241-1655

CENARE Coordinator


  • Veronica Reynaga
  • 419-241-1655